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Credit Repair  

   Real Estate Consulting




The Chatman Group, is committed to educating the community by offering service that will teach you how to control your household finances, repair your credit, purchase a home, and even start your own business. 


We offer income tax preparation services for everyday people with everyday incomes who just need a little guidance to get on track. 


Our credit repair service will teach you how to read your credit report, dispute files, remove inaccurate files, improve your score and everything else you need to know about having a great credit rating.


First time home buyers can attend seminars that will prepare you for the experience of purchasing and maintaining your first home.  Our loan officers will get you approved for the best mortgage available for your individual situation.


Once you have balanced life at home and have the desire to become financially independent, our business consultants will help you turn your dreams of owning your own business, into reality. 

Financial Freedom

"Repair your credit, manage your money, become financially independent and achieve your dreams."